What is the Best time for Kundalika River Rafting ?

Kundalika Rafting operates throughout the year, every season, 365 days in a year, 366 days ina leap year. Water is released from the Dam for electricity generation and this creates rapids on which Rafting is done, this water is released every day of they year and hence, Rafting happens throughout the year

Monsoons is better climate but Rafting is the same throughout the year

Is Kundalika Rafting only in the morning ?

Yes, Rafting happens at 9 AM, water is released between 9 AM and 9:30 AM and hence, you need to report to our Camp at Rafting start point by 8:45 AM

How Long is the Kundalika Rafting stretch ?

River Rafting stretch is 12 KM taking about 2 to 2.5 Hours to complete

Is the Kundalika Rafting one sided ?

Yes, the Kundalika Rafting is downstream 12 Km and you end at a point 12 Km down the River

Is the Transportation provided back to Start Point ?

No, it is not included in the price, it can be arranged at an extra cost by Autos, or else if you have a driver, he can get your car / bus down and pick you up

Are there overnight Stay / camping Options at Kolad ?

Yes, we have a variety of stay options so that you can camp the 1st Day, enjoy additional adventure activities and at night enjoy Barbeque, Bonfire and Music and 2nd Day to the Kundalika Rafting

What is the difference between Kundalika Rafting and Kolad Rafting ?

Kundalika is the name of the river and Kolad is the closest town Hence, Kundalika Rafting or Kolad Rafting are one and the same.

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