Day Packages

Kundalika River Rafting – Day Packages and Pricing


River Rafting – Long run Rafting 12 Km for 2.5 Hours

Rs 1,000 per person, Weekdays
Rs 1,500 per person, Weekends

Bookings / Inquiries: +91 9987501613 / +91 9967591613 or help@kundalikarafting.org

Day Package 2: White Water River Rafting + Lunch +
Cricket + Volley Ball & Playground

Playground for Football, Cricket, Volleyball also available complimentary


Rs. 1,200 per person, Weekdays

Rs 1,700 per person, Weekends


Lunch is Veg and Non Veg Buffet with Sweet Dish

(Package With Rafting and Buffet Lunch (Veg and Non Veg) and Cricket, Volleyball)

Evening Tea & Snacks can be added optional at extra cost



Bookings / Inquiries: +91 9987501613 / +91 9967591613 or help@kundalikarafting.org



Day Package 3: White Water River Rafting + Kayaking


Rs. 1,100 per person, Weekdays

Rs 1,600 per person, Weekends


Optional Add: Rs 250 per person for Lunch is Veg and Non Veg Buffet with Sweet Dish

Bookings / Inquiries: +91 9987501613 / +91 9967591613 or help@kundalikarafting.org



Day Package 4: White Water River Rafting + Kayaking + River Crossing + Zipline

Rs. 1,400 per person, Weekdays
Rs  1,800 per person, Weekends


Optional Add: Rs 250 per person for Lunch is Veg and Non Veg Buffet with Sweet Dish

Day Package 5: White Water River Rafting + 7 Activities

ZIP LINE, Net Climbing, Burma Bridge, Tarzan Swing, Tunnel Crossing, Trust Fall, Wall Jump

Rs. 1,500 per person, Weekdays
Rs  1,900 per person, Weekends


Optional Add: Rs 250 per person for Lunch is Veg and Non Veg Buffet with Sweet Dish


Bookings / Inquiries: +91 9987501613 / +91 9967591613 or help@kundalikarafting.org

Kundalika River Rafting – Day Packages Detailed Description

Kolad is a small village gifted with the River Kundalika.

Kundalika is a beautiful river originating in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra and ending into the Arabian Sea near the creek at Roha. The river flows through thick forests and rice fields of a region of what was earlier the princely state of Bhor. It is the only river in Maharashtra on which white water rafting is possible. This river has two hydroelectric power stations at Bhira and Ravalje. Rafting is done on the let off of these hydroelectric projects. The rafting experience is very nice with 13 km stretch with nice grade III and grade IV rapids.

One of the world’s most captivating adventure activities, White Water Rafting, has been in Maharashtra since year 2006. White Water Rafting doesn’t get more exciting than this…its 100% pure aqua fun. Rafting in River Kundalika is “dam controlled”. Rafting is done in the rapids which are generated by the water released from the dam in the morning, typically at 08:15 hrs.

Kundalika Operations are jointly marketed by Infinite Journeys and Foliage Outdoors

Rafting operations begin at a village called as Saje. Typically by 08:15 hours, water from the Dam gets released making the water levels great for rafting. After we have distributed the Rafting Gear (Life Jackets, Helmets, Pedals), our Guides gives instructions and explains the associated rafting commands to all the participants. A typical Raft carries around 10 participants and there is a River Guide on each Raft.

What follows is an exciting and incredible session of White Water Rafting for close to two hours. You negotiate the rapids, do body-surfing, swim…in short have a great time Rafting one of the most beautiful Rivers of India.

About the Kundalika River Rafting Programme

Distance: 11 km on the water

Rapids: 10 ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 3

Reporting Time: 08:00hrs. Start of Rafting is dependent on release of water from the Dam

Rafting Duration: 1 hr 45 minutes (approximately)

Client Requirements: minimum 12 years of Age with reasonable level of fitness. Non-swimmers are welcome

Rafting…a complete holiday experience


Almost everybody other than pregnant ladies, heart patients and people with severe asthma can raft. You must tell our Rafting Guide about any significant medical and/or orthopedic condition / history. Decision to allow to raft or otherwise remains with our Rafting guide.

Minimum age for Rafting is 14 years

Non-swimmers are most welcome. Good quality life jackets are provided which keep you floating and safe

Pls Note: Transportation from Rafting End Point to Start Point is Not Included

If you have a Driver, he can pick you up at the end Point of Rafting else you will have to hire Autos / Share Jeep to the Start Point where your Car is Parked

Please Note: White Water River Rafting and Rafting and River Rafting is all one and the same

 For Children below 12 Years

Lunch and Kayaking, Zipline, Rappelling (OR High Rope Course): Rs. 1200 per person

Itinerary for Full Day Package: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

8:30 am: Report at Rafting Start Point

8:30 am – 9 am: Brief Instructions and wear Life Jackets

9:00 am to 12 noon: Long Run Rafting

Kindly Note: Rafting is done on the Water Released by the Dam, hence, if Guests do not report on time, they would have to miss the Rafting which is Non-Refundable

12:30 noon – 1 pm: Transfer to Campsite

(Own vehicles need to be used, or Autos can be hired at Kolad)

1pm – 2:30 pm: Lunch & Changing of Clothes (if needed)

Changing Rooms available at the Campsite

2:30 pm – 5 pm:  Kayaking, River Crossing & Flying Fox (If part of Package)

For Bookings / Inquiries Please Call +91 9987501613



Things to Carry:

  • Change of Clothes – Changing Room Available at Rafting Start Point / Campsite / Farmhouse
  • No restriction on clothing, you can wear anything in which you are comfortable being wet for 2 hours (Avoid Denims, they tend to get heavy, ladies may avoid whites)
  • No Compulsion on Footwear but: Shoes or Sandals with good fitting preferred , Ideally No Chappals as they might come off & Float-off during Rafting or Other Activities
  • Personal Items like Towels, Soap etc.
  • Camera: Do Carry it to Capture Memories, can be kept inside the Raft in Dry Bag with Guide but at own risk, else you will have to leave it in your vehicle
  • There is a good chance of your Skin Tanning after the Rafting, so if you wish to avoid that Carry a Sunscreen Lotion or wear Full Sleeves during Rafting
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